musical director’s address

Dear Journal,
Since starting 13 months ago, it’s been a pleasure to return for my third time as musical director for the Quay Players cabaret. These shows have become something of a staple in my calendar, and a highlight of my year. To our newcomers, regulars and members: welcome.
Now & Then highlights a broad array of musicals, featuring numbers as far back as the 1920s. Born out of a desire to encourage setlist diversity, the hope for this cabaret was to introduce people to shows from decades past, while showcasing the evolution of the art form.
Directing the show has been such a fulfilling exercise in seeing how far these performers can push themselves for excellence. In a short space of rehearsal time, this cast has created a fantastic montage of musicals both eclectic and popular. Such is the quality of these performers, I felt it necessary to step back from “hosting” much of the evening and let the performances speak for themselves.
If you’ve been to previous Quay cabarets, you’ll hopefully notice some additions to the show. Each cabaret has felt like an opportunity for us to get ambitious and help the show evolve in new ways. Working alongside committee to help implement these changes has been a rewarding challenge for all, and I look forward to seeing what happens at the next cabaret (whenever that may be…)
Your support of the show is what keeps events like this happening, and we couldn’t be more grateful to the audience for grabbing a ticket and showing up. We hope your generous support continues in the future, but for now: grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy the show!


Alice Bennett
Beth Sillitoe
Cara Fung
Caroline Zhu
Cat Palethorpe
Chiara van Baarle
Dasha Nadina
Dav Mason
Ella Lau
Elliot Gruzin
Emma Bowker
Freya Hope
Gabriel Cradden
Helen Parsons
Huw Siddle
Joana Osório
Joby Blair
Lauren Chopin
Leah Holmes
Liv McNee
Lucinda Kingham
Lydia James
Mérédith Heinrich
Mike Brown
Penny Mullord
Phoebe Pope
Polly Noonan
Scarlett Pannell
Sean MacFarlane
Tomas Aleman
Tomo McSorley



Merrily We Roll Along | Merrily We Roll Along

Full Company


Journey to the Past | Anastasia

Cat Palethorpe 


I’ll Know/I’ve Never Been In Love Before | Guys & Dolls

Tomo McSorley, Joby Blair, Mike Brown, Isaac Bartels 


Someone To Watch Over Me | Crazy For You

Dasha Nadina 


Sounds While Selling | She Loves Me

Huw Siddle, Dav Mason, Caroline Zhu, Leah Holmes, Mérédith Heinrich, Beth Sillitoe 


A Trip To The Library | She Loves Me

Helen Parsons 


Freddy My Love | Grease

Chiara van Baarle, Lauren Chopin, Cara Fung, Beth Sillitoe 


There Are Worse Things I Could Do | Grease

Joana Osório 


The Little Things You Do Together | Company

Alice Bennett, Penny Mullord 


In Buddy’s Eyes | Follies

Penny Mullord 


Sunday | Sunday in the Park with George

Lydia James, Helen Parsons, Polly Noonan, Dasha Nadina




Welcome to the Rock | Come From Away
Full Company
Part of Your World | The Little Mermaid
Cara Fung
I’ll Never Fall In Love Again | Promises, Promises
Leah Holmes, Penny Mullord, Cara Fung, Lauren Chopin, Mérédith Heinrich, Joana Osório, Polly Noonan, Phoebe Pope, Scarlett Pannell
30/90 | tick, tick… boom!
Sean Macfarlane, Mike Brown, Olivia McNee, Caroline Zhu, Alice Bennett, Gabriel Cradden, Elliot Gruzin
You Love Who You Love | Bonnie and Clyde
Lydia James, Ella Lau
What Is It About Her? | The Wild Party
Tomo McSorley
You’ve Got A Friend | Beautiful
Full Company


Love Tonight | On The Record

Sean Macfarlane, Chiara van Baarle, Freya Hope, Olivia McNee, Beth Sillitoe, Elliot Gruzin, Huw Siddle, Gabriel Cradden, Dav Mason


Stars & The Moon | Songs for a New World

Freya Hope


Meet The Plastics/Apex Predator | Mean Girls

Joby Blair, Ella Lau, Cat Palethorpe, Lucinda Kingham, Emma Bowker/Alice Bennett


A Soft Place To Land | Waitress

Scarlett Pannell, Phoebe Pope, Beth Sillitoe


It All Fades Away | The Bridges of Madison County

Tomas Aleman

All I’ve Ever Known| Hadestown

Lucinda Kingham, Tomas Aleman


For Now | Avenue Q

Full Company


Merrily We Roll Along | Merrily We Roll Along

Full Company 

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