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Show Costs


£160 Per Show


£110 Per Show

(Full Time Students, Unemployed, Retired, Under 18)

Where do our costs come from?

Putting on a show in London is expensive! We’re a not-for-profit charity and our trustees and committee are volunteers. Our show fees for an adult at £160 works out at about £5 per rehearsal, our costs cover lots of expenses including:

  • Theatre Booking (We use a high end real theatre with latest equipment and 450 seat capacity)
  • Rehearsal Space Costs
  • Musical Director Costs
  • Set Costs
  • Costume Costs
  • Licensing Costs
  • Equipment Hire
  • Band Costs
  • Expenses (Moving show items from storage to theatre, van hire for various transport to and from theatre)

If you enjoy performing, or working behind the scenes, and would like to enquire about joining the Quay Players, please email or call in to St. Anne’s church hall, Tuesdays 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Subs are charged on a per show basis, and a concessionary rate is available. We want to be inclusive to all members so please speak to the treasurer if you are worried about paying the members’ fee. We are a small group and a large part of our funding comes from our members, so subscriptions are necessary to cover costs such as rehearsal hall hire and payment for the Musical Director.

Being a Quay Player

We are always keen to recruit actors and singers and if you can dance – even better! Perhaps you would prefer to help with costumes or back-stage or with scenery building – please get in touch, we really need an extra pair of hands during the weeks leading up to the show – and of course, show week itself.

We have quite a sociable group and often call round to a local pub after Tuesday rehearsals. There are quiz nights, birthday meals, trips to the local bowling alley, and of course the occasional karaoke night too!

From all our members, we ask that you learn your lines, help each other (particularly with dancing!) and attend rehearsals regularly. We try to encourage all members of the group to become involved with aspects of the running of the society – perhaps props, costumes, arranging a social gathering, or welcoming new members.

If you’re wanting to join Quay Players and not be on stage, we have plenty of roles available in the production team: costume, tech (sound & lighting), props and the list goes on, so please reach out to us if that is your area of expertise and you’d love to get involved!

Being on stage

Audition Process

If you like the look of Quay Players Musical Theatre or you’ve seen one of our shows and would like to join us, then please get in touch and let us know that you’re interested in auditioning for the next production. Email us or fill in our contact form!

How the audition process works

Step 1
Get in touch and let us know you’re interested

Step 2
Come and meet our friendly members at the read-through for the next script which will be on a Tuesday evening at our usual rehearsal time and place.

Step 3
The following Tuesday will usually be a Dance Workshop, don’t worry – you don’t need to be an amazing dancer and this is for you to get a taste of what Quay Players is like!

Step 4
On the third  Tuesday, we have a Musical Workshop where our lovely Musical Director goes through the audition songs and may even teach one of the show’s songs, teaching cast the harmonies, again, this is quite low pressure and for you to get a feel for the group and whether you’d like to join us.

Step 5
Lastly, we have the audition on the following Tuesday – this will only be to a small audition panel which consists of 3 – 4 people including Director, Musical Director and Choreographer. The audition consists of a sung extract for the character you are auditioning for and 1 – 2 pages of script. All of this will be handed to you well before the audition so you have time to choose and prepare. You can only audition for one main part but you may also tick that you’d like to be considered for other roles and ensemble. The production team may feel that you’re better suited to another role (if you are open to different opportunities!), otherwise you’ll be offered a role in the ensemble. Everyone who auditions for a Quay Players show is offered the chance to join the cast!

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