Die School Musical

Die School Musical


  • Fri 29 August 2014 – 19:30
  • Sat 30 August 2014 – 19:30


St Anne’s Church Hall – get directions


Tom Scambler

Musical Director

Solfa Carlile

Die School Musical

Our next fundraising show will be an original piece, Die School Musical, written by the super-talented Solfa and Rob Carlile.

The plot for this wickedly satirical tongue-in-cheek musical is as follows…

“The Glee Club, led by the shiny and idealistic Mr Foot, are getting ready for the Annual Best Regional High School Glee Club Musical Theatre Production Competition with their forthcoming production of “You’re a good man, Charlie Manson”. Mysterious new girl Amy throws the group into disarray, not least due to her rivalry with the Glee club’s long-standing star, talented but psychotic Richelle. To make matters worse, there’s a bloodthirsty killer on the loose! Will the kids make it to regionals? Will Amy get the lead part in the school play or will the killer get her first?”

This is going to be a great way to spend the summer. Die School Musical was previously workshopped over two days in 2013 with great success – Whether you’ve been in previous shows with the Quay Players before or haven’t gotten around to joining us yet, this unconventional and hilarious show has something for everyone!

Please note that the show contains themes of violence, and some use of adult language. The show may not be suitable for under 12s.


Amy… Sarah Brand
Richelle… Julianne Palmer-Mitchell
Mr Foot… Oliver Mitchell
Chad… Luke O’Connor
Urkelbert… Alex Finch
Britana… Katie Elizabeth Underhill
Gladys… Shamini Bundell
Malady… Aine Brown
Officer Homeuse… Jamie Reynolds
Realnamia McSurname… Janice Edgar
Principal Prune… Anil Aksay
Kylie… Lucy Frankenburg
Kelly… Michele Tan
Grandma Chadson… Liz Edwards
Mrs Chadson… Zoe Stockwell
School Administrator… Kenneth Cheung
Gleek… Agata Rozpedek
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